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unique realizations

arbitrary ramblings of my twisted actuality and arrested unreality

- 花 -
14 August

Toshiya mood theme by zenith_icons
the GazettE mood theme by theshiz

all graphics are made by me unless otherwise stated

+ a . b . o . u . t :: m . e +

+to live a life devoid of experience is to subdue one's artistic vitality to complete and perfect oblivion+

about me

hannah ⋅ 08.14.88 ⋅ brunette ⋅ brown eyes ⋅ 5'4" ⋅ eccentric weird hyper calm silent introverted thoughtful insomniac ⋅ black blue red ⋅ dolphins ⋅ faeries vampires ⋅ 13 9 ⋅ chicken-strips thai japanese ⋅ rock alternative gothic metal ⋅ black rose ⋅ graphic/web-design music japanese

+ o . t . h . e . r :: s . t . u . f . f +

+ graphics journal :: kiokunosoen @ livejournal [dot] com

+ myspace :: xmarkedsilencex @ myspace [dot] com

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+ email :: kaorunocashew@gmail.com

+ c . o . l . o . r :: l . o . v . e +

rain love

bf is love

naito love

addicted to diru

diru love

toshiya love

addicted to kao

addicted to bass

elitists suck
credit to kyospants and nosugarmama

+ f . a . n . d . o . m +

-not made by me lol-

nightmare fanlisting sakito fanlisting ni~ya fanlisting

midnight sun fanlisting vampires fanlisting august fanlisting simplicity fanlisting

The Greatest Aphrodisiac - the approved chocolate fanlisting Soaked - the approved rain fanlisting Winter Wonderland - the approved winter fanlisting rainstorm fanlisting sunset fanlisting glomps fanlisting opals fanlisting onyx fanlisting moonstone fanlisting rose fanlisting rainforest fanlisting dancing fanlisting margaritas fanlisting water fanlisting graphic design fanlisting mozart fanlisting My Chemical Romance fanlisting Amber-the approved toshiya fanlisting Zygote - the approved kaoru fanlisting hitsugi fanlisting reita fanlisting

thai food fanlisting silver fanlisting originality fanlisting inscence fanlisting dreaming fanlisting candles fanlisting faeries fanlisting beach fanlisting hibiscus fanlisting bloodstone fanlisting auroras fanlisting moonlight fanlisting night fanlisting japanese culture fanlisting men in makeup fanlisting miyavi fanlisting ruki fanlisting toshiya fanlisting