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new FO banner and message [12 Apr 2006|11:16am]


- this journal is friends only -

t h e . b e a c o n . i n . t h e . n i g h t :: a . c l i c h e

(+) if you want to be added to my friends list, leave your comments here. just make sure, if you don't know me personally, that we have similar interests. just leave a reply letting me know what it is that we have in common, and then i'll add you!

(+) im not gonna add anyone just because they say: "add me!"....nuh-uh! nope! sorry, not gonna happen! if you can't simply give me a reason as to why you think we could be friends, i ain't addin' you!!

r h y m e . a n d . r e a s o n

(+) for those who want to know why i changed my journal to friends only: i didn't want random/nosey/lurking/creepy people reading my posts...i like my privacy and i like to know who has access to this thing.

s o c i a l . c o d e

(+) remember...this is MY journal. i have personal thoughts in here and i will speak my mind. if you can't handle someone being open with their thoughts or if you are gonna whine and complain about something i write, whether it be about the topic of a post or about me in general, don't ask to be added.

(+) please have an open mind, not everyone has the same opinions as you. if i write a post that is controversal...speak up! im not gonna ban or forsake you for having different ideas! infact, i like to know other peoples opinions. so let me know what you think...just don't get all high and mighty and condemn me for my way of thinking...

(+) if you are added to my freinds list, i expect to have some interaction with you. i don't like it when people add me and then just sit there on the list. its a friends list...you're supposed to be my friend! friends interact and talk. now im not requesting a reply to every post i make...but a comment every now and then would be nice. i try to make an effort to do that for my friends and i don't think its unresonable to request the same from you.


if this comes across alittle strong or harsh, gomen nasai. its just that i already have enough drama in the real world...i don't need any more in cyberspace...

"to have a friend, be a friend"
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